A regular guy who loves stuff and love 2 animate n draw stuff i love Team Fortress 2 Henry Stickmin Half Life Opposing Force,1,Decay,Blue Shift Half Life 2 Half Life 2 Ep 1 Half Life 2 Ep 2 Postal 2,Law Of Talos,Endzone,Gmod,cs 1.6 cs source...



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Hey guys, uh i just wanna say that uhh some of you saw that im really offline of off newgrounds and that i really dont post much on the site cuz last summer rly got me back into newgrounds when i was 5 years old just summer 2021 brought me back and made me create shit that i never knew i would and really inspired me by some of your works guys especially @s-zenmode and @DJGreenJes which eere the first people i met on the site and were just really good friends and i think this time i was able to make art was just the best times of my life and were very interesting but as like school started for me even before that i've been having many mental issues in my life and past September 2021 that just irritates me more and more but as i hate to think that im overreacting and have adhd and autism i hate to know that i have those mental issues same with tics and tourettes that have tuined my life completely same as aspergers i havent really been socially interacting with anyone outside my house even tho maybe i was just in my backyard talkin to my neighbors and shit and it's not like real thing people do nowdays. I hate when people are just trying to give me motivation like:loOk bRO U nEED tO wOrk Out MoRe Or Sm shit and like best thing for me is suicide fr on god not even joking we live in economic and political times where people are brainwashed by bunch of cringe lgbtq+ and ukrainian supporters but if people were real smart they would fucking know why ukraine is just a fucking piece of nazi Country but straight out of the way i wanna say that i wont be posting anything daily maybe i will be active only once in a year or so or maybe dont even recover so like ye that's the thing and the end i guess i dont fucking know :/

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